Her name is Diva, she is stylisch, elegant and mysterious, her creators met each-other sailing a Catamaran in Egypt with the same name. When Eelco and Marcel decided to create a masterpiece together they made a deal, "we design without keeping in mind that it has to be reproduced. The Diva is the result of free mind designing and the guys needed a full year to work on the reproduction proces, that part was an amazing challenge! With Diva, you own a great piece of art, with amazing technology inside. She is controlled by your phone and is limitless in color setting. A real eye-catcher in your premises! We just love art!

Marcel Aartsen

Entrepreneur, TV Producer, former Top Athlete

Marcel is a man with a mission; he is adding fun to the world, anywhere anyway!
In his working life he has established and owned companies all over the world and produced very successful television shows. The Orange
Concept and the cooperation with Eelco is a logical consequence of his past.
His enthusiasm is contagious, a pragmatic thinker and in regards to business
a man who makes things happen. With The Orange Concept he will produce sensational design in a different manner.

Eelco Batstra

Creator, Designer and Entrepreneur

Eelco is a master in the field of processing and shaping plastics and resins and using these materials in a very surprising way.
Since his productive life he has always been creating, whether it covers art, printing or the illumination of cruise-ships and private yachts, his goal always was and is creating something special.

He is a people person and very talented to unfold his ideas in an easy way and very enthusiastically telling the message to others. With The Orange Concept Eelco is sure he’s going to be starting next step

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